Heath Bits O` Brickel Bundt Cake #BundtBakers

In my opinion, this cake is special and tasty, I had to refer to the original recipe several times to verify that it does not include any chocolate. I don’t often like a baked good this much unless it’s wallowing in chocolate. This cake really stands up very well without it. The cake produced was a little small, maybe I should have used a smaller Bundt pan. I don’t think it would be difficult to double it if you need a larger cakeI’.

It’s very delicious, very pretty to look at and the toffee bits and walnuts just push it over the top. Just double the whole cake and enjoy the compliments and smiles. Really, a great cake in every aspect.

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Chestnut Praline Coffee Bundt Cake #BundtBakers

This Christmas cake does not disappoint. While it is not difficult but it is a bit time consuming. Hint: Don’t start baking this cake at your bedtime. Also, the Praline Sauce requires patience. Just keep on whisking until it liquifies into a sauce. Once the bourbon and heavy cream are added, it turns into a lump in the pan. Don’t worry, it thins with time and patience and perfect to add the chopped chestnuts.

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Vanilla Almond Pound Cake #BundtBakers

This wonderful Vanilla Almond Pound Cake is so very tasty and moist, it doesn’t even need any icing or glaze. I plan to follow the recipe to the letter for the first time. Next time, I’d like to add a little boozy glaze. I just love a boozy little glaze.

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