Scone Week 2017 – Classic Snickers Scones #ISW

Once again I found time to work with my favorite media, scones! For me, baking can be a very creative outlet . Above all other recipes, scones are my most adored. They come together easily and the final result is always delicious; scone recipes are quite varied from savory to cream scones to sweet scones. I especially love how scone recipes can be slightly altered, yet produce something all together unique.

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Apple Cream Cheese Bundt Cake #BundtBakers

This is my second try this month, I don’t know how it happened but in my opinion, my first one was not suitable for anything other than the garbage disposal. It very well could have been Operator error. This one went together nice and smooth. While the ingredient list may make seem intimidating, it’s really very easy to pull this delicious bundt cake out of your own oven.

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Southern Pecan Praline Scones

This recipe makes 10 ~ 12 large or 2 dozen petite scones that will tantalize your tastebuds. In my opinion, there isn’t much out there to equal the delight of a well~made scone. No doubt, these fit the bill to a “T”. Light, flakey, sweet, all I aim for in my scone and it’s all right here.

Savory scones also have a place at the top of my favorite things, as in the first course. But, the “dessert” scone is my preference every time. Morning, noon or night, scones always fit in. Just add tea.

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