Heath Bits O` Brickel Bundt Cake #BundtBakers

In my opinion, this cake is special and tasty, I had to refer to the original recipe several times to verify that it does not include any chocolate. I don’t often like a baked good this much unless it’s wallowing in chocolate. This cake really stands up very well without it. The cake produced was a little small, maybe I should have used a smaller Bundt pan. I don’t think it would be difficult to double it if you need a larger cakeI’.

It’s very delicious, very pretty to look at and the toffee bits and walnuts just push it over the top. Just double the whole cake and enjoy the compliments and smiles. Really, a great cake in every aspect.

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Peanut Butter and Jam Bundt Cake #BundtBakers

Well, now that I have tasted it, all I have to say is Holy Cow, this cake is a winner. I do caution you to be careful of your baking time. You don’t want to overbake it. This little nugget would also go in my comfort foods list. One bite takes you back. It is very reminiscent of childhood, if you like peanut butter of course. Either creamy or chunky would be equally delish. This recipe produces a great tasting, easy to make dessert or lunchtime delight. Just add cold milk or, in my case, a lovely cup of tea.

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Robert E. Lee Bundt Cake

This Bundt cake, while continuing the lemon/orange main target flavor, it has been lightened up over the years but I thought the first recipes would be of interest. This lovely cake is not at all difficult and the bundt version bakes up beautifully. I can attest to the flavor, it’s perfect. I have to save a piece for my Home Health Nurse. It was baking when she arrived today and commented on it so I promised to save her a piece.

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